Brief Introduction

Data intensive supercomputer applications are increasingly important for HPC workloads, but are ill-suited for platforms designed for 3D physics simulations. Current benchmarks and performance metrics do not provide useful information on the suitability of supercomputing systems for data intensive applications. A new set of benchmarks is needed in order to guide the design of hardware architectures and software systems intended to support such applications and to help procurements. Graph algorithms are a core part of many analytics workloads.

Backed by a steering committee of over 50 international HPC experts from academia, industry, and national laboratories, Graph 500 will establish a set of large-scale benchmarks for these applications. The Graph 500 steering committee is in the process of developing comprehensive benchmarks to address three application kernels: concurrent search, optimization (single source shortest path), and edge-oriented (maximal independent set). Further, we are in the process of addressing five graph-related business areas: Cybersecurity, Medical Informatics, Data Enrichment, Social Networks, and Symbolic Networks.

This is the first serious approach to complement the Top 500 with data intensive applications. Additionally, we are working with the SPEC committee to include our benchmark in their CPU benchmark suite. We also maintain a list of the most energy efficient systems for data intensive computing. The Green Graph 500 will be released together with the Graph500 list. We anticipate the list will rotate between ISC and SC in future years.

The Graph 500 was announced at ISC2010 and the first list appeared at SC2010.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the graph500 website, please contact info (at)


November 2016 List

The submission deadline for the November list is November 6th, 2016.

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Please also consider collecting energy information for your Graph 500 runs and submit them to the new Green Graph 500 list. Please note that a slightly different run is needed for this submission, see Green Graph 500 Code and Instructions.

The following information will be collected:

  1. Computer Information:
    • Computer/System Name
    • Manufacturer
    • Computer Type/Model
    • Installation Site
    • Location
    • Year of Installation/Last Major Upgrade
    • Field of Use: government, university, industry, etc.
    • Field of Application: geophysics, automotive, etc.
    • Number of Nodes
    • Number of Cores
    • Main Memory Size
    • Total system power
    • Interconnection network
    • Graph 500 Implementation Used: reference, custom, etc.
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Email
  2. Benchmark Information:
    • Problem Scale
    • GigaTEPS
    • Graph Construction Time
    • Full Benchmark Result